10 reasons to spend a spring/summer month in Mokrin

10 reasons to spend a spring/summer month in Mokrin

1. Countryside lifestyle

What does countryside lifestyle even mean? It means waking up the the sounds of roosters, taking the afternoon nap under a plum tree, eating the best homemade and fresh food, taking walks among the sunflower fields, gazing at stars at night, sitting next to a fire, with a glass of red wine in hand, snuggled into a blanket.

Get back to nature
Get back to nature
2. Low-cost life
  • Street food meal – €1,5
  • Bottle of water – €0,3
  • Taxi 1km – €0.4
  • A bottle of good Serbian wine – €15
  • Avg. meal in a restaurant – €6-€10
  • Bottle of Vodka in a night club – €30

For the avg price of rent in Amsterdam for 1 bed room apartment outside of city centre, you can live in Mokin House, rocking the 5* experience, with your own workspace, cleaning ladies, waiters, all the bills taken care of and food and drinks included. Basically an all-inclusive deal compared to just rent. Not bad, right?

3. Amazing workspace & fast internet

Work from a bright & open coworking space with large desks and comfortable chairs. If you need a space to isolate yourself an talk to your clients, we have skype booths. The whole estate is covered with WIFI that goes up to speeds of 100mbps, so you can work next to the pool or just chilling on the grass in the middle of our field. Or internet is hooked on to a generator just in case of an electricity cut, and we have a 20mbps back up internet, just in case. So don’t worry about internet – we got you covered

Bright and spacious
Bright and spacious
4. The community & the workshops

The community at Mokrin House is completely international, coming from industries all across the board. Even though the members are very unique, the mindset of all of us is somehow along the same lines. This variety and diversity is a source of never-ending conversations and idea exchanging.

The workshops are held by either professionals brought in by the MH staff or by our own members and the topics range from “Tips and tricks for improving CRM” to “Learn how to make a scarf”.

5. The food

The food we eat in Mokrin is almost exclusively locally sourced from local farmers, which means its fresher and healthier. Our chef is one of the best in Serbia and he takes the local ingredients and turns them into an international work of art. All of our “colivers” have 3 meals a day provided for them.

Locally sourced
Locally sourced
6. Sport and recreation

Morning run in the fields, afternoon swim in our bio pool, yoga classes, weight lifting, badminton, tennis, horseback riding or just tossing Frisbee with our community manager. In the countryside there is space & time for everything.

7. Weekend excursions

Mokrin is located in a rural countryside, but it is very well connected. The closest airport out of the three nearby is Timisoara and its a base for more than 25 low cost destinations around Europe. If booked a bit in advance you can get €10 return ticket to Berlin, Milan, Paris and many more cities. Plus Mokrin is 2 hours car drive away from Belgrade, Budapest or Novi Sad – these cities are amazing for weekend escapes, and we will organise them for you!


8. Cocktails & rakija

Serbian culture is intertwined with alcohol. Drinking is a part of customs and traditions and drinking is expected from a Serbians “mens man”.  Rakija, a clear brandy with about 40% of alcohol, is our national drink. But don’t worry, our drinks here range from great wines to mocktails. Our bartender is amazing, so expect to try new flavours as well as the good old classics.

9. Nature & History

Check out a village that was a train stop for Orient Express 120 years ago. A village that has a long standing tradition of geese fighting tournaments, egg breaking tournament for Easter, village parties, cultural nights and much more. All these events located in a settlement tucked in between the yellow sunflower fields and green orchards of Vojvodina.

10. The people

The last but certainly not the least. Serbian people are very friendly and most of them speak English quite well (English is a compulsory subject starting from elementary school). When you meet the locals expect laughter, jokes and drinking invitations. Plus, have you seen Serbian people? The guys are the 5th tallest in the world and the girls… well just google Serbian girls. 🙂





Lets chat

Traveling and moving can sometimes be stressful, and we understand that. That is why we recommend that you have a Skype chat with our project leader and coordinator if you are at all interested or considering living and working in Mokrin House. Ivan will explain how everything around here works and answer any questions you guys might have. The chat is just so that you can get to know us a bit better and doesn’t commit you to anything.