7 Reasons for Digital Nomads to Spend Their Summer in Rural Europe

7 Reasons for Digital Nomads to Spend Their Summer in Rural Europe

1. The Diversity

Europe is rich in its many cultures, languages and landscapes. Sometimes it only takes a short ride to feel like you’ve reached an entirely new world, both in terms of natural biodiversity and the cultural differences. It is common for multiple nationalities to be living together for centuries, influencing each other and creating a true melting pot of lifestyles. Towns and villages also tend to maintain their authentic vibe, without the flashy shopping malls and endless parking lots. The same is true for Mokrin, which is located in Serbia, close to both the Romanian and Hungarian borders.

2. More time in your day for what matters

Time can feel like it’s slipping out of your hands when you’re in a busy city. From the long commutes, waiting in lines and constantly rushing, little by little, you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day, wondering where your time went. A place like Mokrin allows you to live at your pace and gain control of how you use your time.

3. Less polution

Breathing high levels of pollutants is becoming an increasing risk for city dwellers, with a wide range of diseases being connected to the air quality around us. Good news is that Europe has the highest number of places reporting data on air pollution and, luckily, the situation is much better in villages and towns than it is in big cities. The same goes for other types of pollution, such as light pollution, which also influences our health, as well as our ecosystems and aesthetic environments. This means that rural Europe offers some of the best stargazing spots, away from the artificial lights limiting the view of the skies.

Mokrin, as a small community, also has less visual pollution, as there are far less signs, advertisements and billboards grabbing your attention.

4. Peace and quiet

Noise is oftentimes defined as “unwanted sound”, something that rural environments in Europe don’t struggle with. Of course, don’t expect complete silence, as you’ll surely get to hear a rooster or two at dawn, or some other animals mooing, buzzing and meowing around. Less noise means getting better rest, something Mokrin House views as highly important.

5. Eating locally

Spending time in villages gives you access to fresh ingredients grown locally, as well as produce such as cheese, oil and jams. All around Europe, different regions are famous for their food and the locals take great pride in continuing the tradition. Mokrin is famous for its rolled cheese, whose recipe is still a well-hidden secret. Additionally, by buying from a nearby farmer, you will be supporting small producers, individuals and their families.

6. Explorers only

If you care for more than finding a perfect selfie spot when you’re travelling, rural Europe is the place to explore this summer, allowing you to uncover the hidden gems and experience the true, authentic way of living. In places where tourists don’t normally go, such as in smaller, less known rural spots, the locals are more open to share about their hometown. Sometimes they will not be speaking English, so you’ll have an even more authentic experience! At Mokrin, all the other visitors you’ll see will be like-minded – the adventurers, pioneers and people looking for the real deal, more than just a place where the crowd goes.

7. Easy to get here

Europe has pretty good connections with the rest of the world. Mokrin is in the vicinity of 3 major airports, so getting to Mokrin is easier than you would assume. If you need assistance with your travel or would like an airport pick up, get in touch with our team and we will sort it out for you. If you are US traveler from Florida, and need assistance to get to the airport Orlando airport car service can take care of you.

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