Creative getaway from Budapest

Creative getaway from Budapest

Are you location independent? Can you pack up your work in a bag and work from anywhere? Do you have projects your behind on and need to getaway from the city and really focus on your work. Well we have an amazing spot for you.

Creative positive isolation

One of the main reasons our productivity falls throughout the day are constant distractions that happen in our work space. They can be direct, like someone trying to chat you up, or indirect, such as planning where to go for lunch. Also the commuting time can be an issue for some people.  A lot of moments during the day are “stolen” from us by these little interruptions that break our focus. We, at Mokrin House, are offering a place where you can positively isolate yourself from all the distraction and really commit to your work. Our coworking space is open 24/7, and its always a quite zone.

Modern design
Modern design
Isolation – not loneliness

Isolating yourself to do good work doesn’t mean you have to be alone somewhere.  Our coworking space is our quite zone but the rest of the estate is for fun, relaxation and chilling with other likeminded, international people.

Rural coworking – Why the countryside?

There are so many reasons! First and already mentioned one, less distractions. In line with that there is no FOMO. When we are in cities, there is always something we want do be doing, either going to that restaurant or to that museum. These activities are amazing, especially in a city like Budapest that offers so many activities. But in the countryside, you are oriented to yourself & the people around you. That makes day planing all that easier.

Secondly the food is fresher and better. We source most of our food locally, some we even grow ourselves. Our chef has several years of international experience so he combines his vast knowledge with amazing local ingredients to make little works of art.

Local food

Also, when spending too much time in the cities, we tend to fall out of tune with nature. In the countryside, you will wake up to the sound of roosters, you can take your morning run in the cornfields, we have a dozen bikes that you can just take on and ride on the country roads. And at night, there is no light pollution so the starts are bright AF and go well with that glass of red wine you in you hand. We promise you one thing, you will not only catch up on your work here, but also on your sleep!

Get back to nature
Get back to nature

Last but surely not least is the people, amazing people. From photographers, designers to lawyers and accountants, even we couldn’t believe the diverse bunch we get around here. But somehow everybody is on the same page, no matter how diverse our jobs are, so far we had very likeminded people. The conversations that spark up at dinner or over a large fire we have outside now and then, are a perfect ending to a really productive day.


How to come & how long to stay

We are flexible to the max. Come for a day or come for a month. Come alone or come in a team. Take as much time as you need. Organise your own transfer to Mokrin, or we can pick you up in our mega comfy VW van. We are only 3 hours away from Budapest by car.




Lets chat

Traveling and moving can sometimes be stressful, and we understand that. That is why we recommend that you have a Skype chat with our project leader and coordinator if you are at all interested or considering living and working in Mokrin House. Ivan will explain how everything around here works and answer any questions you guys might have. The chat is just so that you can get to know us a bit better and doesn’t commit you to anything.