Digital Nomad Fitness Guide: Staying Strong on the Move

Digital Nomad Fitness Guide: Staying Strong on the Move

Being a digital nomad is a dream lifestyle for many. It allows people to experience new places, meet new people and enjoy great work flexibility. However, traveling constantly also means you can expect to have your daily workout routine completely neglected. So, if you want to have your cake and eat it too, here are a few practical tips for digital nomads that will allow you to stay strong on the move.

Pick the right accommodation

Depending on your budget, you can book accommodation that has facilities like a gym or a swimming pool. Since you don’t even have to leave your hotel to do your workout, you’re more likely to stay true to your workout schedule and do something about your fitness. Going for a swim or doing a few sets at the gym will help you stay strong and allow you to clear your mind between work sessions.

Move your place of work a lot

Most likely, you’re using your computer to work which involves a lot of sitting. So, in order to get moving, how about a change of scenery? If you can choose where you work from, try to pick a remote location away from your hotel room. You can also do an hour of work, change locations to get some steps in, do another hour of work and so on. At the end of the day, you’ll notice a lot of steps on your Fitbit.

Workout in the morning

If you’re worried you have too many things to take care of during the day, why not wake up at dawn and do a little workout before your day starts? Early mornings are perfect for jogs and they allow you to experience your destination in a whole new light without the crowds. Additionally, you’ll start your day on the right note and feel energized and ready to tackle your chores. And all you need for a good run are some quality shoes and some comfy clothes. If you want to stay completely safe and healthy during your runs, you can look into buying a calf compression sleeve that will reduce any fatigue that a runner may feel after a long run. Plus, new Polygene Stay Fresh Technology will keep your sleeves fresh and odor-free and any sweat will be quickly wicked away—perfect for travelers! And if you are more for a workout plan you can check personal fitness Merit Badge program for the latest.

Pack some equipment and workout clothing

Aside from your calf compression sleeves, you can also pack some handy travel workout equipment. For instance, a small yoga mat, some resistance bands and a jump rope will come in very handy when the weather is bad or when you don’t have a gym at hand. Also, if you struggle with motivation, packing some workout  clothing that will make you feel stylish during your workouts can push you to start your workout of the day. When you see it on your bed every morning, you’ll feel guilty not putting it to good use.

Use those plane delays

Being stuck at the airport is the worst. However, it’s something every digital nomad experienced at least once in their life. So, don’t dread your delays, but use them for something good like exercising. Find a secluded corner and grab your luggage for some weight lifting exercises. With your suitcase, you can do a lot of different strength routines that involve lunges, deadlifts and overhead presses. This time, you’ll be lucky you didn’t travel light! If you already checked your luggage, you can do a little bodyweight routine or do some yoga.

Install a few apps

A digital nomad can’t function with some handy apps, so make sure to arm your phone with a few of these. Luckily, you’ll have no issues finding what you need since app stores are full of them. For instance, Seven is an app that can give you various seven-minutes long HIIT workouts that will definitely keep you fit even in such a short time (these types of workouts are perfect for those working on a tight schedule). Freeletics Bodyweight is also a great choice. The workouts require nothing more than your own bodyweight and a wall or a chair making it perfect for people who prefer to travel light. With over 200 exercises perfect for all fitness levels,  you’ll definitely break a sweat and stay strong.

Use your old buddy—YouTube

If you’re not into apps, you can always rely on good old YouTube. No matter what you’re into, weightlifting, yoga or CrossFit, there are thousands of great videos you can get for free. Channels like Blogilates, FitForceFX and Christine Salus all have different workouts, just remember to bookmark them so they are readily available.

Being a digital nomad is often synonymous with being easy going and casual, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your health and fitness. Hopefully, these workout-on-the-go tips will come in handy during your next trip and allow you to stay strong wherever you are in the world!


Article by Ian Lewis
Bio: Ian Lewis is a father, writer, and a fitness nut. He’s passionate about many forms of strength training and spent years lifting all kinds of heavy objects.
His favorite quote: There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.
You can find him on Twitter.






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