From Chiang Mai to Europe – Spring/Summer 2018

From Chiang Mai to Europe – Spring/Summer 2018

South East Asia is a region that can claim it has the most digital nomads (DN’s) per capita in the world. And this makes sense, the weather is amazing, the people are welcoming, the food is great and everything is more affordable than in the West. But what if we told you that there is a place in Europe, that offers all of that and also deals with some of the shortcomings of South East Asia.

New concept for the new needs

The world is a constantly changing place, and location independent professionals know that better than most. Just a few years back, it was unthinkable to be sitting in a cafe in Nimman or in Camp in MAYA working away, and now it has become your everyday life. But Chiang is many places at once, it is a tourist destination, food centre of Thailand, a digital nomad centre, and more.. That is why we want to present a place designed entirely for digital nomads, freelancers and startup teams – Mokrin House. 

Mokrin House is a coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia. It is a modern and urban spot in a rural surrounding. Studies have shown that stepping out of the regular work environment increases productivity and creativity. That is why Mokrin House offers a program tailor made for the modern professional.

Work space, coliving space & the community

Our comfortable workspace is very well lit, with large desks and internet with speeds up to 100mbps. We know that different people have different working habits, so the space is open 24/7. This part of the estate is always the quiet zone.

Bright and spacious
Bright and spacious
In a small village
In a small village

Once you are done with your work or even just taking a break from a busy day, you have an entire estate on your disposal. You want to chill by the pool, or take a bike ride into the corn fields, play some Frisbee with other members, it is up to you. And the members are a versatile as it gets. So far, coming from more than 40 different countries our members tend to be photographers, programers, UX designers, entrepreneurs, small startup teams, and many others (even accountants and lawyers).

Get back to nature
Get back to nature
Take a dip in the Bio-pool during the hot days
The food

When it comes to food, we are extra picky. We try to keep most of our ingredients locally sourced, meaning that we buy from farmers in & around Mokrin. By doing this, we make sure that our food as fresh as it gets. Our chef who has years of international experiences then takes these ingredients and turns them into little works of art. 3 meals a day are provided for each member. If you are a vegetarian, vegan or have some sort of allergies, we will accommodate to your needs. 

Locally sourced food, with a global twist
Healthy & balanced
Healthy & balanced
Accommodation & Prices

We have different types of accommodation to suit all needs and all budget limits, from a budget to a comfort option. All other facilities on the estate are equally accessible for all members, but your private space is your own, and we want you to feel comfortable in it. For different levels of accommodation and prices – click here.

The People

In the past 20 months we had more than 700 individuals and 3000 team members come and stay at Mokrin House. The members come for all over the world (around 45 countries so far) and a large variety of professions. We had programers, designers, lawyers, life coaches, accountants, entrepreneurs, teachers and more – its crazy how internet is allowing more and more people to become location independent. Just listed to what Cedric – who is a cryptocurrency specialist, had to stay about his stay in Mokrin. (More videos about the world of internet money on Cedrics channel).

Connectivity with rest of Europe.

We are located on the border between 3 countries – Serbia, Hungary (25 km away) and Romania (5 km away), which makes it exceptionally easy to explore 3 different countries and cultures. And we have pro tips for exploring the entire region.

Szeged & Timisoara – Historic landmarks, just an hour away

Our closest airport is just a bit more than an hour away, in Timisoara, Romania. If you book on time you can have a long weekend getaway from here for under €15 for a return ticket. Flights from Timisoara can take you to London, Milan, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and more than 20 other destinations within Europe. The whole Europe is within a cheap, 2 hour flight away!

In addition to that we are 2 hours away from Serbian capital Belgrade and 2,5 hours away from Budapest in Hungary. Both of these are amazing cities, rich with culture, history, gastronomy and nightlife. We can help you with both the transfer, stay and recommendations for activities in these cities.

Budapest and Belgrade – a stone throw away

Last year we organised close to 150 events in Mokrin House and we only plan to go bigger. The events include open air movie nights, programming workshops, TEDxMokrin, picnics, archery classes, cocktail classes, motivational speaker visits, ect. Check out our video galley where you can see how some of these events looked like.

The weather

From mid April to mid October, weather in Serbia ranges from mild to warm with the an average of five rainy days per month. The days tend to be bright and warm, with humidity levels bellow the ones in Chiang Mai, and in the evenings it even tends to get chilly, which is why we often have a large camp fire outside to finish the day with wrapped in a light blanked and a glass of wine.

Just let go
Cozy campfire nights
The time difference

Serbia is on same time as Berlin & Paris, meaning that it runs only 6 hours ahead of New York and 9 hours ahead of Los Angeles. This time difference makes your Skype calls with your clients & partners much more doable when compared with the time difference in Indonesia.

If you would like to know more about Mokrin House and how we operate or book your stay, contact us at . Our team will be more than happy to have a 15 minute Skype call with you at a time that works for you.




Lets chat

Traveling and moving can sometimes be stressful, and we understand that. That is why we recommend that you have a Skype chat with our project leader and coordinator if you are at all interested or considering living and working in Mokrin House. Ivan will explain how everything around here works and answer any questions you guys might have. The chat is just so that you can get to know us a bit better and doesn’t commit you to anything.