How a Modern Office Can Improve Your Employees’ Well-being and Productivity

How a Modern Office Can Improve Your Employees’ Well-being and Productivity

Having happy employees who enjoy their work environment not only makes work a lot easier, it also often leads to a boost in productivity. Ensuring employees’ well-being is prioritised can lead to healthier employees, which can save a business money in the long-run. According to PWC, absenteeism is estimated to cost Australia $7 billion dollars each year, while, according to CIE, presenteeism (attending work while sick or otherwise unable to work to regular standards) costs the country around $34.1 billion per year.
There are many different ways that employers can improve an office to make it more positive on the well-being of employees. Below we have listed a few ideas that can be incorporated into an modern office environment, with the aim of improving employee well-being.

Biophilic elements

Humans love nature! It’s why we often feel at peace dipping our toes in the ocean or taking a walk through the trees after a stressful day. There are ways to incorporate this feeling of nature into an modern office environment, too, something which is often referred to as biophilic design. Using technology to incorporate biophilic elements into a workplace has been shown to enhance focus and creativity, while reducing stress. Biophilic elements are those designed to incorporate or imitate natural themes such as the presence of plants and water, views, or objects designed after natural structures and products.

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The positive psychological link between human beings and nature is well-documented. In a recent Japanese study for MIST, subjects’ responses were compared when they walked through a forest setting to when they walked through an urban setting. For the natural setting, the blood pressure levels of participants’ were lower, their pulse rates decreased by 3.9 to 6 per cent, and their salivary cortisol (a stress hormone) decreased by a whopping 13.4 to 15.8 per cent. There are many studies like this which seem to point towards the positive impact nature and natural elements can have on a person’s health and well-being.


Making the most of our natural rhythm

Continuing on from the discussion on incorporating natural themes into an modern office environment, using natural lighting in offices has also been shown to have positive effects on employees’ well-being.

Usually, when it is dark, the brain will signal that it is time to sleep, and when it is light the brain will let us know that it is wake-up time. However, in our modern world, we have invented a lot of technology that counteracts this. Issues with mobile phone screens and electronic devices making it difficult to sleep aren’t uncommon, but simply not being exposed to enough sunlight in a day has been shown to play a factor in disrupting this pattern too.

A 2013 study of natural daylight in the workplace assigned groups of workers to different spaces to monitor the outcomes. The study found that those who worked in offices with windows received 173% more natural daylight and slept 47 minutes more, on average, than the participants who did not have windows in their workspace. These results show that incorporating natural lighting into a workspace may have great benefits to the well-being of employees.

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Innovative design ideas and encouragement

There are many modern offices around the world that are incorporating positive designs into their buildings aimed to maximise the well-being of staff. If your building doesn’t have this type of offices, you could think about renting one for a couple of days for your employees. Relocate your team to a calm and peacefull environment where you can work, have a coffee or even lunch in the fresh air whenever you want.





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