“Little Architects” workshop

“Little Architects” workshop

20 youngsters, students from elementary schools from Kikinda and Mokrin (grades 1st through 4th), have taken part in a 7 day workshop called small architects, here in Mokrin House.20160513_115237

In order to participate in the workshop, the kids had to undergo an arts competition in which they needed to submit drawings of their “Dream park”. The final result of the workshop was a restoration of one of the corners of the Mokrin town square, which is now decorated with the creation kids made. Members of the collective “Little Architects” – Emilija Josipović, Marijana Todorović i Dimitrije Stojmenov used this workshop to acquaint the kids with the concept of architecture. The kids were explained what architects do and afterwards their drawings and ideas were turned into reality.20160510_134901

One of the benches on the town square now has a new back part and it is heart shape decorated – thus turning it into a “couples bench”, as the kids call it. In addition to that the kids made up the rules of behaviour in the park, and the rules are now written on the steps of the ladder that now hangs from a tree. Among other rules the most interesting ones are “Keep the plants safe” and “Grownups behave like kids”. The main object of the dream park is a climbing house which the kids designed and painted along with the concrete borders of the small park.20160513_122823

The projecting and designing took place in the “Mokrin House” by the collective “Little Architects” supported by schools from Mokrin and Kikinda and the local government. This is just one of the projects oriented to and for the local community that will be held in Mokrin House.




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