Resident of the week

Resident of the week

Mirka Ziskova was one of the first coworkers to come to Mokrin House. She is an extremely positive, young creative designer, and it was a real pleasure having her here. This is what she had to say about her stay.

“I have found Mokrin House on Facebook and wanted to try new co-working office in Serbia. I was really surprised how beautiful the place was. The traditional house filled up with modern elements which created nice harmony contrast in there – its smart design will keep memories I have found unbelievably great service there and food in a nice area of countryside surrounded by farms.

People were awesome and I could really concentrate on my job. I found a new inspiration there and the work went so easy. I felt much more like on a holiday than in a co-working place. I have to say, during 5 days of being there; I could really work effectively, relax and enjoy the countryside on bike which are anytime available on the spot.
Food really surprised me with good quality and its tastes. I was lucky to be there during a film festival and a local writer celebration which were so interesting for me.
I can’t wait to be back. Cause once you visit it, for sure you will wanna come back. ”





Lets chat

Traveling and moving can sometimes be stressful, and we understand that. That is why we recommend that you have a Skype chat with our project leader and coordinator if you are at all interested or considering living and working in Mokrin House. Ivan will explain how everything around here works and answer any questions you guys might have. The chat is just so that you can get to know us a bit better and doesn’t commit you to anything.