“Through the Lens” – Photo camp in Mokrin

“Through the Lens” – Photo camp in Mokrin

Photography is combination of skill, art, technique, timing and context. Knowing how to match all of the factors creates a good photographer and a great photograph. If you would like to learn how to combine these factors its best to learn from the people who have dedicated their lives and careers to finding a perfect balance between these five. In the end of August you will find these 4 extraordinary individuals in a unusual place. A village in the north of Serbia called Mokrin will be their home for a week, and they will spend that week sharing their experiences and knowledge with 12 participants. Check our their biographies and figure out if you would like to be a part of this workshop. (APPLICATION FORM AT THE BOTTOM)



skracena portret

Luca Marziale,

Born in Lugano, Switzerland, graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  He is a medium format landscape photographer who captures the relentless shaping of the natural world. Focusing on the building blocks that make up the landscape, he finds overlooked moments, personal spaces that can define a state of natural rapture – as a tribute to a world that too often eludes us.



Milo Zanecchia 

Milo is a videographer and photographer based in southern Switzerland. He feels at home in foreign and uncomfortable places. Over the last year his work has taken him across Sub-Saharan Africa, New Zealand, Antigua and Barbuda, Cambodia, Nepal, Mexico, India, Morocco, Hawaii and most of Europe.




JonJon Harris

A world traveler, philanthropist and a great photographer. Jon focuses most on portrait and behind the scenes, minimalistic photography. His keen eye to grasp a the moment makes his photos dynamic. In addition to the arts aspect of photography Jon also know how to approach photography and visual arts from the commercial side and he will tell you all about it here in Mokrin House.



75955_10150966341172165_305395434_nRobin Gilli

Robin earned his bachelors degree in photography & imaging at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California. During his four years in LA I photographed everything from celebrities to Music groups, skydiving and car races. After graduation he moved back to Switzerland. He has done a lot of work around the mountains, from photos for cable car companies to advertisements for off Road adventure company.
His passion and favorite photos come for his travels, the latest being a car trip from Switzerland  to Mongolia. Other recent travels include countries like Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco and others . During these trips he shoots mostly landscapes and portraits about which he is planning on speaking during the workshop.


When, where and for how long?

From the 22nd to the 27th of August in Mokrin House – Mokrin, Serbia. (6 full days)

Workshop concept.

18 participants, 4 mentors, 6 days, creative spaces, new photographing techniques, end result – exhibition.

What will you learn. 

Through out the work shop you will see  and hear experiences from photographers who have traveled the world with their camera. Apart from the lectures from each of the photographers you will learn or improve the following things:

  • Food photography.
  • Product photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Post production editing

These basic set of skills will give you the foundation to later develop your own style.

The Venue

Mokrin House is an ideal setting to hold a photography camp since the arhitecture of the place inspires creativity. This is a photo camp after all so let the pictures do the talking.

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Price & Conditions

There are only 4 preconditions for the participants of the workshop.

  • That you speak English
  • That you have a camera
  • That you have a laptop with a photo editing software
  • That you are 16-26 years old.

For the full 7 days, 6 nights stay the total price is 150 euros. This price includes

  • A comfy bed in one of the rooms in Mokrin House
  • 3 meals a day
  • A place to work and edit you photos
  • Access to all Mokrin House public areas & equipment (Swimming pool, bikes, board games, pool table, ect.)
  • Materials for the exhibition
  • Basically everything else you will need during your stay.

For the local participants (Kikinda & Mokrin) that will not be staying overnight , the total price is 50 euros.

Apply below or if you have any question send an email to info@www.mokrinhouse.com 

*The number of places is limited and the applications are open until the 14th of August.

** By applying all participants agree that all the photos created during the camp can be used by Mokrin House Team





Lets chat

Traveling and moving can sometimes be stressful, and we understand that. That is why we recommend that you have a Skype chat with our project leader and coordinator if you are at all interested or considering living and working in Mokrin House. Ivan will explain how everything around here works and answer any questions you guys might have. The chat is just so that you can get to know us a bit better and doesn’t commit you to anything.