How a Modern Office Can Improve Your Employees’ Well-being and Productivity

modern office

Having happy employees who enjoy their work environment not only makes work a lot easier, it also often leads to a boost in productivity. Ensuring employees’ well-being is prioritised can lead to healthier employees, which can save a business money in the long-run. According to PWC, absenteeism is estimated to cost Australia $7 billion dollars […]

City Getaway Yoga Retreat

Trenutno živimo u svetu u kome je sve teže i teže usporiti i uspostaviti duboku vezu sa drugima. Da li ste željni dubokih razgovora oko logorske vatre? Da li ste spremni da se fokusirate na nekoliko sjajnih novih poznanstava i da pobegnete iz gradske gužve? Na City Getaway Yoga Retreat-u od prvog do trećeg jula […]

Digital Nomad week in Mokrin House

Things in the world are super confusing at the moment, there is a lot of uncertainty but also it feels like some aspects of “normal” life have started to come back. For one, travel is more accessible than it was this time last year and thus we have decided to open up Mokrin House for […]

How to Protect the Site and Data of Your Online Business

Whether you’re an online business owner, an employee or a third party, the importance of implementing safe practices online cannot be understated. Losing control over your data is often the beginning of a very expensive, time-consuming process, and the situation isn’t always fixable, which is why it’s so worthwhile investing in preventative measures like the […]

3 Top Tips To Affordably Speed Up Your Online Business Content Creation

As a business owner, ensuring your company enjoys a notable online presence and has developed somewhat of a reputation among the member of your audience represents an important part of your marketing strategy in this day and age. Indeed, ignoring the massive potential of online marketing would be a great way to hamper the growth […]

How To Make Your Home Office Look and Feel Professional

Working from home is becoming the norm. Many of us are switching to freelance work to afford greater flexibility, more lucrative paychecks and a better life/work balance. As well as this, increasing numbers of companies are cutting down on expensive overheads by allowing their staff to work remotely. Anyone who has worked from home will […]

Starting a Business Online? Here is What You Should Know

It’s been a while since the internet made a transition from being solely a source of entertainment to a source of income of many enthusiasts who decided to cash in on their creativity. Today everybody can sell services or products online, but that doesn’t mean starting a business online can be done without adequate preparation […]

Treći TEDxMokrin o neočekivanim temama održivog razvoja

Najpoznatija konferencijska platforma TEDx omogućava lokalnim zajednicama širom sveta pristup idejama vrednim deljenja. TEDxMokrin, čiji smo partneri od samog početka, predstavlja prvi TEDx održan u ruralnoj sredini u našoj zemlji, a nakon dva uspešno organizovana događaja, 14. decembra održaće se ovogodišnja konferencija koja ima za zadatak da podigne svest o ciljevima i značaju održivog razvoja. […]

Visiting Coliving Town 2020 Exhibition

Our CEO Tamara was a special guest at the Coliving Town 2020 Exhibition at Culture Station 284 in Seoul, South Korea. Thirteen artists expressed their vision of future housing for a single person, a proposal of a coliving model for the millennial generation, targeting primarily the empty rooms of Seoul. Coliving Town 2020 presents a […]

Liza Shoenfeld: Serbia, the way life should be

In 3 months of travel, the most blissful time I’ve had has been my two weeks at Mokrin House. There are 6 of us staying here longer term, plus several groups that come in and out for a couple days, including the vodka company Absolut who filmed a commercial here (but did not invite us […]

Asad Zulfahri: ‘This is, bar none, the best coliving space ever’

You ever make new friends really quick that are so fun to be around but wonder how the universe pulled together such an odd bunch? It must be the charm of Mokrin House ? Almost three years ago, I was traveling with WeRoam (which is now defunct), and heard that they were going to do […]

Tips for Freelancers Who are not Morning People

The early bird gets the worm, but if you’re not a morning person, that worm doesn’t seem like a nice reward. There are plenty of us who just cannot get up in the morning as early as other people can, and if we do, we don’t feel like working right away. This may be a […]

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Traveling and moving can sometimes be stressful, and we understand that. That is why we recommend that you have a Skype chat with our project leader and coordinator if you are at all interested or considering living and working in Mokrin House. Ivan will explain how everything around here works and answer any questions you guys might have. The chat is just so that you can get to know us a bit better and doesn’t commit you to anything.